This is us

“Husband & Wife : We are the co founders of AGP, we love working with people. Making people feel valued adds value to our lives. I (Annelizé) have had Anne Grace Photography for 9 years now, as the years past we expanded into AGP our own photo, video & design company. We are also proud parents to our beautiful girl Leah & handsome boy Joshua. They have added so much value to our lifes & we love them dearly”

—Gerhard & Annelizé

“Ren & Ets : our adventurous couple.

This is one of our super creative ladies, she works with our team full time (we appreciate her). She is an amazing editor & photo & video shooter.”

—This is Renscke

“Kyla & Christo our model couple : You will not see a bad picture of them.

Kyla has been shooting on her own for us for about 4 years, 50% of the photos you see at AGP was taken by her & her husband.

Love working with such a spontaneous & creative person.”

—This is Kyla

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