We are so excited to be at your wedding.

Some needed info.

Suppliers credit list

We would like to credit all of your suppliers when we post your wedding. Please provide us with the following, feel free to add.

Family Photo List

Please provide us with a list of all the family photos you would like us to take, to make sure we don’t miss anyone. Sample : Bride, Groom, Mom, Dad, Brother & Suster {By their names}

Special requests or relevant information

Moments that we need to capture on your wedding day. Beyond what we usually & always capture this would be things we would not be aware of.

What are your most excited about for your wedding day? 

Tell us your favourite quality about each other?

Some info regarding your big day

We love to capture the story of the day, so please have any details ready like shoes & jewels ready. If you can also make sure the rings are with the bride or the groom.

We do not mind staying overtime, we can book this on the day, you can let us know that evening if you need more hours booked, we charge R2000 per team, depending if you chose our photo & video team we are happy make it only R2500 not R4000

We are extremely happy to be part of your wedding day and can not wait to enjoy the emotions & the day with you, feel free to ask us any questions.

Thank you.